Thursday, August 27, 2009

never give up hope....

I just read this story that I saw on the Yahoo! home page:

I cried when I read the part about the sad!

How crazy is this? I hope more information comes out, because I wonder if they have held her captive even as an adult and if not, why didn't she come forward sooner? It almost sounded like she wouldn't have even come forward now if her kidnapper had not been called in on something else.

My heart goes out to her parents and the parents of anyone who have lost a matter how they lost their child. I just can't even imagine.


Lin said...

I just read the article & I cant even imagine what that girl went through. It's awful to think that she wasn't that far from home & never left. Its disgusting how someone can break a person down enough to have them do anything.

I hope that girl & her kids get all the counseling they need. At least they're safe now.

Passion Fruit said...

These kind of stories really make you understand how sick the human race can be. Awful.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

the most depressing aspect is that this monster may have done this many other times if the article is to be believed. :-(

a terrible circumstance.


Beth Dunn said...

Yes I'm with you on that. xoxo

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I love it! Thanks for the link :)