Thursday, April 16, 2009

could someone please explain to me.....

why the judges on American Idol would save Matt, but wouldn't save Scott last week? I don't have anything against Matt, but he's not a better singer than Scott. Simon told Matt that he doesn't have a chance of winning this competition.....then why would Simon save him? I just don't get their logic.

I am glad that they did go ahead and use the save though, so now they won't be able to use it on Lil or Anoop. And I still don't understand why either one of them have not been kicked off yet....they are terrible.

I don't guess any of this really matters though, because I will really, really be shocked if Adam doesn't win this thing. He really does have amazing talent.

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Ms. Attitude said...

I agree with you on Lil. The girl is going backwards and needs to leave the show. I am happy that Matt was saved. Now, its anyone's game