Saturday, April 18, 2009

is it just me.....

or does anyone else seem to have unpleasant experiences when they get a pedicure? And it's not just one particular place where I have had a bad experience's been two or three different ones.

I realize that for $18 at one of those chain nail places, I'm not going to have a wonderful spa experience, but there are a few things that should not be unreasonable to expect. Such as:

1. I would prefer a girl over the age of 15 or 16 (she might have even been 14, she looked pretty young) that is more concerned with giving me a pedicure than strutting around in high heels trying to look cute.

2. Please look at my feet when you are using sharp objects on them, instead of paying attention to what the group of girls at the front of the salon are doing/saying.

3. If I wanted nail polish on my skin instead of my nails, then I would paint my toenails myself.

4. The price of the pedicure includes a foot massage. Your tip is also based on whether you do a good a job on the foot massage and how long you do the massage.....skipping over my favorite part of the pedicure or only massaging each foot for about two seconds isn't going to get you a very good tip.

I probably just need to start going to a real spa to get a pedicure. I realize it costs more money, but I have a feeling it would be money well spent.


Whitney said...


Nessa said...

Pedicures!!! I need one, hope i get better service though!

BeeHappy said...

I agree with all of your pointers. Besides in this economy she should have taken special attention if she wants any kind of tip. Poor place you went to!

Carolina Girl said...

Totally agree! Skipping the massage is a big no-no!!

Kelley and Rhett said...

amen amen!

vanitysfair said...

YES! I hate it when this shit happens.

I once went to get a manicure and pedicure before I had jaw surgery and the b$#*% made me bleed! And then to top it off she threw super glue on my cut to make it stop.

When I came out of surgery, no kidding, I was probably experiencing the pain of my chopped up finger just as much as my chopped up face.

Sorry they didn't spa you like you deserved!

Singlegrrrl said...

I agree! The worst to me is when they aren't paying attention when they're scrubbing because it tickles SO much. I can't stand it. And I say "That tickles" and they think it's funny and keep doing it. Why?