Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my boyfriend must be feeling suicidal.....

he gave his sister my cell phone number. She called him last night and this is the conversation we had when he got off the phone:

Me: Why did you give your sister my phone number?

Boyfriend: She said she wanted to call you tomorrow and ask you something.

Me: Why didn't you just tell her to ask me while she was on the phone with you just now, you know how I feel about her having my phone number. (I don't want any of his family to have my phone number because when they call him and he doesn't answer, instead of leaving a message and waiting for him to call them back like normal people, they keep calling him until he answers the phone....I don't want them to start calling my phone when they call his and he doesn't answer.)

Boyfriend: I don't know, she just said she'd call you tomorrow and ask you.

Me: In the future, please don't give my phone number out without my permission. If she starts calling me every time she calls you and you don't answer, I'm changing my phone number and I'm not giving you the new digits.

Yes, I am aware that I am a total bitch not very nice when it comes to his family.


Kelley said...

I can't talk from first hand experience (seeing as how I like my in-laws), but that's pretty ridiculous that he would do that...especially since he knows your aversion to his family!

Al said...

i think you made a fair call. why should you have to deal with the demanding phone calls!!

she is probably going to "forget" to call you and it was just a ploy to get your number!!

Whitney said...

I am dying! How many times do you have to tell him things like that! Ha!

Ms. Attitude said...

I don't blame you!

Southern Belle said...

Um, you are soooooo right. My ex is Australian who didn't always like to answer his phone when they would call from the land of Oz. Well, they got my number at some point in time, and they would call me when he didn't answer. Oh, eventually, they would call ME all the time to check on him and make sure he was okay. It was annoying.

Michelle said...

Good call girl. Hopefully your instincts about them will be incorrect!

Hope all is well. Sorry I've not been by lately....I've sorta lost my bloggy groove. Have you seen it??

Have a great weekend!