Sunday, December 14, 2008

can someone tell me

how you can spend $94 at Wal-Mart and only leave with about 4 bags that aren't even stuffed full?


Whitney said...

Girl - it's easy! Ha!

Zb said...

Girl! That's because you saved all the large purchases (most $$ saved) for your Wal-Mart Trip. Cheers, make it work for ya! Hope you got something for yourself.

Ms. Attitude said...

I too have done that. I have also gone back to the store, bought more and spent less.

vanitysfair said...

Sounds like what you got wasn't just crap. As we all know is very easy to come by in this place.

Sounds like you at least got valuable treasures.

I'm dreading my next visit to Walmart, and it has to be within the next week. NOOOOO!!!!

Diggin your blog!