Wednesday, December 3, 2008

road rage

1. There are two lanes going one way on the interstate. If you are in the left (fast) lane and there is even ONE car behind you (usually it's about ten) GET THE FUCK OVER!!!!! This happens each and every time I get on the interstate.

2. If you are driving on a road where the speed limit is 30 mph and you are driving 20 mph, GO THE FUCK HOME, SELL YOUR CAR, AND NEVER EVER GET BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR AGAIN!!!!!!!! You are either too old or too stupid and you should not even have been issued a driver's license in the first place.


Live For Today said...

I was going to blog about these drivers too that I experienced during my Thanksgiving travels!

Orion said...

Wow... you live in my town don't ya?!?!?!?!

If you're up for the challenge, check out my post called "dude... your SUV"

just proof that i have sympathy, and empathy... haha

Ms. Attitude said...

I fully agree with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. I look forward to reading more of yours.

Penny Lane said...

This is a fun blog! I live in Atlanta and have terrible road rage. There are WAY too many stupid people on the road. Ever notice that cars with Florida plates are the worst drivers? They wear jean shorts and can't drive. Tsk, tsk.