Monday, December 22, 2008

silent treatment

I just wanted to clarify #3 from my last post. I'm not really a spoiled brat and I don't use the silent treatment often at all. Only when it's something really important. And usually when it's something really important, my boyfriend knows this and uses it to really push my buttons. For some reason, he thinks it just hilarious when I get all fired up. So usually, in order to not give him the satisfaction of getting me all fired up, I just stop talking to him and go to another room. Then, when he realizes I'm not talking to him, he likes to follow me and continuously talk to me until I just can't stand it anymore. We usually end up laughing about it.

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Whitney said...

Hilarious!!!! I think we all do that! Nobody thinks you are a spoiled brat!!! And BTW on a fitted button down, you can easily have one tailored to fit you! It's a worthwhile investment and it probably costs $10.