Friday, December 12, 2008

I spoke too soon....

I hate my boss. It has taken me ALL WEEK, but I finally finished a big project that I was working on. So as soon as I finish, what does she do? She decides that she shouldn't have done SEVERAL things on there the way that she did, so guess who gets to make all of the changes? If you guessed me, then you guessed correctly. Just when I thought I was FINALLY getting caught up. And just so you know, this is not a rare occurence, she does this ALL THE TIME. She is the most wishy/washy person I know.

She must have read my blog and saw my "I'm so excited it's the weekend" post yesterday, and decided she'd put a stop to all that happiness. I'm taking that bitch her off my Christmas shopping list.

Speaking of Christmas presents.....last night my boyfriend thought he needed to have a conversation with me about what he was getting the mooch his sister for Christmas. Now, he's known me for three years and you've been reading my blog for two seconds. Just by reading the couple of stories I've written about her, would you think that not only could I care less about what he's getting her, but that I would probably think he shouldn't even be getting her a Christmas gift at all considering the thousands of dollars he has loaned her already that he'll never see again? Honestly, I wouldn't feel this way if the girl was out there trying, really trying to get on her feet, but she's not. Hell, why would she? She's got it made....her family always bails her out when she's in trouble, fully supports her financially, etc. I'm all for helping people, but not people that won't try to help themselves first.

Okay, I'm through bitching ranting now. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Whitney said...

Girl - I know how that kind of boss is. I know all too well. I am so sorry. Just think - it's not much longer - the day is already half over!

Ms. Attitude said...

I know those people of both those kinds. It's insane!